No child under the age of 14, however competent, 
may belay without direct Instructor supervision. 


LEVEL 1 To be signed off for belaying on Level 1, the student 
must be entirely competent in the mechanics of using an ATC type 
belay device. They must :

  • Set up the device correctly
  • Tie the figure of eight knot reliably. 
  • Understand the terminology. e.g. dead rope, lock position, danger
  • position etc
  • Understand the importance of pre climb checks
  • Know the climbing Calls
  • Use the correct ‘5’ point technique
  • Have completed at least five deliberate fall exercises.
  • Lower off correctly 


A level 1 belay tick does not permit the student to belay unsupervised



Unsupervised Belaying

To qualify as an unsupervised belayer, the Student must demonstrate
three characteristics:

  • Complete technical competence in belaying
  • That they clearly understand the responsibility that they have as the Belayer.
  • That they behave in a mature and responsible manner at all times when belaying. 


To permit a Child to take the responsibility for another Child’s safety is a very big decision. If in the slightest doubt say ‘No’


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